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Pro Direct Tiling - Our History

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Pro-Direct Tiling Products Ltd is an online retailer of a wide range of professional tiling supplies.

Having spent many years working in the professional tiling and stone industry, we have an unrivalled knowledge of everything the market has to offer.

We supply stone tiles, stone flooring, and all the products associated with the installation, finish and care of your stone.

We have worked closely with our suppliers to ensure we provide our customers with the best leading products at competitive prices, and we offer a range of our own products also.

Our Managing Director, Phil Carling, has personally tested every product and is able to answer any technical questions you may have.

From advice on substrate preparation through to fixing and all kinds of general maintenance issues, Phil will be able to guide you through the whole process.

We pride ourselves on our friendly, open approach to doing business on the internet.

We publish a genuine address from where the operation is run, we don’t hide behind 0845 numbers, and we are as happy taking a telephone order as we are receiving an automated order using the website.

As we have all become more used to buying online, we realise more and more the importance of getting the delivery right.

We ensure our carriers go the extra mile to deliver your order on time and intact. And with our next day delivery service, you no longer have to take time out of your day to go and collect your goods from a merchant – it will arrive on site so you can get on and do what you do best.


We are always happy to hear any feedback on our products and service, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have anything you’d like to discuss.


Philcarling aboutUsPhil R Carling - Managing Director

Growing up in Bradford, my future seemed on course to follow in my families history of publicans, all my family were involved as generations before. I decided to break the mould and try another direction to try to create something for myself.

In my twenties I realised that by working hard and keeping my nose clean I could do what i set my mind to, and I feel I have achieved many of the expectations I had back then. I am always thinking what next and how I strive to achieve the next goal in my life.

During the years I steadily built up a large company with a good turnover and recoginsed brands such as StoneFix among others, and found myself becoming more isolated fron what I love, more managerial, so my decision to walk away and start again was one of the most difficult I had ever taken. But here I am again, the proud owner of Pro-Direct Tiling Products Ltd and Natural Stone Cleaning Services. We have a range of products including our own Bulletproof range, sealers, cleaners, and stain removers, and a walk-in shop displaying stone tiles, and other products. I also have a small team of dedicated staff who I treat as a family.

One of my many achievements in life is earning the respect of my trade, the expertise I have developed over the years learned from all my mistakes, and all my successes. It means a lot to me to be recognised for my skills honed over the years.

Family is the key to a great success, in my opinion.

Deb aboutUs

Deborah J
Palmer – Oates

Accounts &
Administrator Manager

As a person I am good natured, punctual and have an ability to make friends. I enjoy problem solving and motivating myself and others, which I feel plays a key part in learning and in life.

In my spare time I enjoy swimming, horse-riding, travelling, art sculpture, dog walking and socialising. I have benefited greatly from applying the internet to my hobbies to keep me update with the latest new thing or intresting fact.

Many of my friends say, I am a firm but fair person and have a great gift for recognising when someone needs a friend. I will help anyone if I feel and I do some good.

I now recognise being in my forties, that this is a special gift to have.

Life is what you make it.

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