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Econoplan Levelling Compound 25kg

Econoplan™ 25kg
40 Bags
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Econoplan™ Self Levelling Compound can be used to prepare an electric underfloor heating installation for a variety of floor finishes including timber, carpet and vinyl. A single pour can create a bed of between 2 – 50mm and comes in 25Kg bags. The eco friendly, fibre reinforced, pumpable formula is suitable for use in both domestic and commercial applications and is specifically designed for use with electric underfloor heating systems.

Mixing Econoplan™

No additive is required. Each 25kg Econoplan™ bag should be mixed with 5 litres of clean cool water. Stir continually for approximately 2 minutes using a suitable drill with whisk attachment. Use the mixed compound immediately. If the mix stiffens before it has been spread, it must be discarded. Do not add extra water or liquid. When pumping Econoplan™ check the material flow regularly to ensure the correct consistency of material is being achieved.

Applying Econoplan™

The mixed Econoplan™ is poured onto the prepared subfloor and spread with a smooth edge trowel to the required thickness in one operation. Alternatively the use of a spiked roller will ensure a smooth even finish that will not require any further attention prior to the floor coverings being applied.

Econoplan™ & Wooden Floors

The timber should be stable and able to carry the weight of the levelling compound and the floor cov-ering. Flooring must not move when stepped upon. Partitions must not flex when pressed by hand. If this is not the case, reinforce the floor with noggins between the joists and replace the boards. Brace unstable partitions. The surface of the timber should be primed with Acrylic Primer diluted 1:1 with clean water.

Accreditations and Certification

  • BS EN ISO 9001
  • Quality Control

All Econoplan products are factory blended, tested and packaged to quality control procedure in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 series.



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