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Levelling Smoothing Compound

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STONEFIX XP 250 can be applied in thicknesses from 2-50mm in a single pour.
It provides an economic means of levelling and renovating new and existing floors, prior to the installation of floor coverings such as natural stone,
the product can also be used as a final wear layer.
This product is suitable for use in homes, schools, offices, public buildings, sports halls, and hospitals. STONEFIX XP 250 is protein and casein-free
and can be used in biologically sensitive areas.
Once the product is cured, STONEFIX XP 250 is suitable for use with underfloor heating installations; and the cured product is likewise unaffected
by heat from central heating installations and radiant heat mats.
For un-bonded/ floating screeds such as underfloor heating panels, polystyrene boards, etc. a minimum of 20mm thickness of the screed is
Do not mix with Portland cement as contamination will produce flash setting and cracking of the screed.
Internally - DO NOT apply if subfloor temperature is below 5o
C or above 25o
All direct to earth subfloors must have either an effective integral damp proof membrane or alternatively a surface damp proof membrane applied
before application of the screed.
For special applications please consult our Technical Department.
Substrate must be hard, sound and free from dust, oil, grease, paint, plaster, laitance or any other contaminant that could prove a barrier to
adhesion. Heavily contaminated floors may require special treatment and specific advice should be sought. Generally substrates are best prepared
by mechanical methods such as shot blasting, planning or scabbing. The substrate must be vacuum-cleaned prior to application of primer.
The substrate must not leach moisture, and should be fully cured and dry to 75% RH. This can easily be tested with a hygrometer. If above 75%
RH; or if there is any risk of moisture leaching through the substrate, a DMP membrane should be applied before screed installation.
Indoor air and floor slab temperature must exceed + 5o
C with relative humidity not exceeding 85%.
Underfloor heating must be switched off for a minimum of 48 hours before screed installation and must not be switched on again until 48h after
screed installation.
STONEFIX XP 250 can be applied directly over adhesive residues if these are thin, firmly-bonded to the substrate, and not susceptible to moisture.
Porous substrates must be primed with STONEFIX Acrylic Primer – see TDS for more info.
The substrate must not leach moisture. Anhydrite screeds must not have moisture content greater than 0.5%; and ambient relative humidity (RH)
must not exceed 75%. This can easily be tested with a hygrometer. Once the screed has dried, it is essential that surface laitance is removed. This
is achieved by scabbling, followed by vacuum-cleaning to remove any dust, then by 3 coats of water-diluted STONEFIX primer of successively
increasing strength: firstly 1 : 4 with water; then 1 : 3; then 1 : 2; followed by a final coat of neat primer. This procedure ensures that there is a deep
primer penetration into the screed.
Non porous substrates such as ceramics, flooring grade asphalt and highly polished stone should be primed using a slurry coat of STONEFIX XP
250 and Acrylic Primer. The slurry coat should be one part powder to one part primer by volume. Apply thinly with a brush and allow to dry.
Use floor grade high quality ply fixed to the floor joists at 150 centers at min thickness timber of 18mm. Best practice is to fix 2 layers of 9mm
ply one layer fixed vertically and one layer fixed horizontally. The floor should be designed to carry the weight of the leveling compound and the
overlayment. Flooring must not move when stepped upon to assess this place a glass of water on the floor and walk around the glass you should
see NO ripples in the water. If this is not the case, reinforce the floor with noggins between the joists and replace the boards. Brace unstable
Note: Screed depth = Less than 20mm
The surface of the timber should be primed with a slurry coat of STONEFIX Acrylic Primer 1 part primer and 1 part STONEFIX XP 250
Note: Screed depth = More than 20mm
The surface of the timber should be primed with 2 coats of STONEFIX Acrylic Primer diluted 1:1 with clean water

No additive is required. Each 25kg bag should be mixed with 5 litres of clean, cool water. Stir continually for approximately 2 minutes using a
suitable drill with whisk attachment. Use the mixed compound immediately. If the mix stiffens before it has been spread, it must be discarded. Do
not add extra water or liquid.
When pumping STONEFIX XP 250 check the material flow regularly (every 20-30 minutes) to ensure the correct consistency of material is being
achieved. The screed should achieve a flow range between 220-240mm at 20o
C (after 2 minutes using flow ring 65mm diam. x 40mm high). When
the application temperature is below 10-15o
C the flow will be reduced to 200-230mm – DO NOT EXTEND WATER LEVEL to achieve 230-
240mm flow.
The mixed material is poured onto the prepared subfloor and spread with a smooth edge trowel to the required thickness in one operation.
Alternatively the use of a spiked roller will ensure a smooth even finish that will not require any further attention prior to the floor coverings being
For the best surface finish possible if a wear-layer is required recommended final thickness should between 5-10mm.
Setting and drying times will vary depending on temperature and ventilation.
Generally STONEFIX XP 250 has a working time of 40min and will stand light foot traffic after 2-4 hours at 20o
C, over 20mm application
thickness; the floor will be ready for the finishing covering after 24 hrs.
Protect the screed from draught and strong sunlight during the 1st 24hrs of curing as this may lead to cracking.
For every 1mm thickness 1.7kg of dry powder per square metre will be required, i.e. 1m2
at 10mm thickness will require 17kg of dry powder.
Hardened Properties
Compressive strength N/mm2
(air cured at 23o
C and 50%RH):
1 day - 20.0
7 days - 35.0
28 days - 40.0
Flexural strength N/mm2
(air cured at 23o
C and 50%RH):
1 day – 5.0
7 days - 8.0
28 days - 10.0
STONEFIX XP 250 is classified as CT-C40-F10-RWA20 according to EN 13813 : 2002 standard.
STONEFIX XP 250 in 25kg sacks, palletised (48) and shrink wrapped. When stored unopened in a dry place at temperatures above 5o
C, shelf life
is 12 months from date of manufacture.
For further information, please request the material safety data sheet for this product.
All STONEFIX products are factory blended, tested and packaged to quality control procedures in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001 series.


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