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Universeal Gloss & Seal is a water-based gloss finish top coat protective sealer that creates a durable, crystal clear gloss finish. Suitable for internal and external use on slate, terracotta, quarry and Victorian tiles, brick pavers, sandstone and many more textured stone or masonry surfaces.

Universeal Gloss & Seal is quick drying and easy to apply and will protect the applied surface against oil and water-based stains. NOT RECOMMENDED FOR USE ON HIGHLY POLISHED STONE & CERAMIC GLAZED SURFACES.

Special Features

  • Excellent on slate, terracotta and natural stone
  • Perfect for giving gloss finish to slate & terracotta
  • For rough and absorbent surfaces
  • Enhances natural colours
  • Use indoors or outdoors


Up to 25m2 per litre
Depending on texture and porosity of surface.

Directions for use:

1. Before application make sure the surface is completely dry, clean and free from debris.
2. Apply the product thinly and evenly with a low pressure sprayer and microfibre mop, paint brush or soft cloth, taking care not to leave application marks or allowing the product to puddle on the surface.
3. Allow 45-60 minutes drying time before applying the second coat, repeating the same process apply the product in the opposite direction to help to achieve an even consistent finish. If necessary more coats can be applied to achieve the desired finish.

Please Note: Areas not to be sealed must be protected with masking materials. It is strongly recommended when using coloured grouts that a stain test is completed before proceeding.


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