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One-Coat Nano Seal

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Technical Data Sheet
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Technical Data Sheet
Universeal One-Coat NanoSeal is a solvent based natural stone patio and path outdoor sealer. Using our unique Micromesh™ premium stain protection to prevent water and dirt from staining the stone surfaces.

Universeal One-Coat NanoSeal is an innovative solvent based impregnator developed to eliminate the need for more than one coat application to dense natural stone surfaces. Suitable for use with all dense stone surfaces, including polished granites and marbles etc.

Special Features

  • Unique One-Coat application
  • Excellent penetrating properties for polished & dense stone
  • Exceptional unrivalled stain protection
  • Internal and external use


Up to 15m2 per litre.
Depending on texture and porosity of surface.

Directions for use:

1.Make sure surface area is completely clean and dry before application. Universeal One-Coat NanoSeal is a solvent based liquid and must be used in well-ventilated areas due to its strong solvent smell.
2. Shake the product well and apply the sealer generously until saturation of the stone surface. Allow the sealer to stay wet and in contact with the stone surface for at least 5 mins. Apply generously with a low pressure sprayer, natural fibre brush, roller, sponge or paint pad.
3. After approximately 15-20 minutes of application, remove any sealer visible on the surface by wiping completely dry with absorbent cloth. If any sealer residue is left on the stone surface wipe clean with a cloth dampened with the solvent sealer.
4. Always allow a minimum of 6 hours drying time before grouting, it is recommended that a small test area is done first to check against staining especially when using coloured or polymer modified grouts. In cases with very porous stone it may be necessary to apply more than one application to achieve the desired effect.

Please Note:

Not applying sealer correctly to saturation of stone may result in inadequate stain protection. Always try product in an inconspicuous area prior to use.

Expected Wear:

Under typical conditions the effect of the impregnation can be considered to have an effect for up to 10 years.
Effectiveness and longevity is reliant on initial thorough application, foot traffic and the use of correct maintenance cleaning products.


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